måndag 9 november 2009

What do do with small bit of cloth

And what's this? Well its a voodoo doll or just a kind of doll something..
This one is guarding our books, and believe me when I tell you, we got plenty of them.

They are really easy to do these dolls. This one I made as the same size as a A 4 paper sheet and I drove the mall by free hand, it makes it more interesting that way really:)

The stuffing's are old small cloth bits. I love to recycle. The eyes are from a old dress that had buttons on the side.

I have made bigger ones as well, one for my own dog and one for a friend and her dog. But I did not use buttons as eyes on them. I just sown on some dots as eyes so the dogs wont hurt them self on the buttons or maybe swallow them.

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  1. Vooodoooo! Voooodoo! *high pitched falsetto shriek* ;)