onsdag 16 december 2009

Christmas gifts and....

Christmas gifts and wrapping's...instead of the usual wraping I made these for some jewellery and instead of Christmas labels I made one( ehum oki more than one) out of jewellery thingis.. I had letter pearls that I used the first letter from the person that's going to have the gift. When it was finished I just aded a safety pin and voila...Look at the results:) The jewellery address can be recycled as a case jewellery or why not as a pendant?

I have also finished another jewellery set this one in black and pink. The contrast are better than I would hoped for it to be. So I'm really pleased.

And in Swedish..Julklappar och inslagning. I stället för det sedvanliga inslagningen av julklapparna så så gjorde jag dessa smyckes gömmor i stället. Jag hade sedan tidigare smyckespärlor med bokstäver som fick fungera som en sorts juletikett i stället för det sedvanliga juladresserna. Själva smyckesadressen kan man sedan om så önskar använda igen, kanske till ett smyckeshänge?

Jag har även gjort färdigt ännu ett smycke sett, det här är i svart och rosa. Jag är verkligen nöjd med kontrasterna det svarte ger mot det rosa.

måndag 14 december 2009

Blue jewellery set

I have made another jewellery set during the night. This one is in black and blue.

And in swedish..Jag har gjort ännu ett nytt smyckesett här om natten. Det här är i svart och blått.


I have made a scarf out of a tunic that was way to small for me. The hardest thing was to separate each part of cloth from each other because of the fabric that was really fine.

And in Swedish..Jag har gjort en scarf av en tunika som jag inte kunde ha då den var på tok för liten. Tyget var så himla fint att jag inte hade hjärta att bara ge bort tunikan. I stället så gjorde jag om den. Det visade sig att det inte var så enkelt som jag först trodde det skulle vara då tyget som var riktigt fint och tunt hade lite av en egen vilja. Det svåraste av det hela var dock att separera varje enskild bit med olika tyger ifrån varandra utan att skada tyget. Ett riktigt pillergöra.

onsdag 9 december 2009

Another jewellery set and a lovely book

Hello readers, euhm.. if I do have readers? If not hello to me!

I made this set of jewellery a night ago. If you can't sleep why not make something of it?
I'm not sure if I should keep this sett or if I should sell it. I really love it, but will I wear it?
I hope I will, and I realised that for a crafty person like me I don't wear my own makings or others. Is it just me or do others see the whole picture here? It's wrong isn't it?

About a week ago I got a book from my husband. It's a book about how to make other things out of sweaters. It's a lovely book! And for me that loves to recycle its even more lovely. But what should I do first from all the inspiring projects?
Well we will see...

söndag 6 december 2009

India inspiration

This Sunday have been a productive day.
A order, a sett off jewellery have been finished.
And one bracelet and lots of earrings some in India style.

Another sett in 925 sterling silver earrings and pendant.