måndag 9 november 2009

Barbie bed

Have you noticed how toys often brake and are built all in plastic? And it's not the really hard plastic, it's the plastic that breakes after only a few times when the child has been playing. And I'm not talking about the violently playing types here.

My little sister loves when her toys looks more real than fake. And when the things actually fits the toys they are meant to go together with. Like Barbie .. how many things to Barbie are actually built in the exact scale? I was looking for some furniture to her Barbies in the local toy stores and my disappointment was big, but I was not surprised. All furniture was small and petite. Especially the beds.. So what are a big sister to do? Build a more right sized bed off course!
First I bought the “bed foots” they were in black so I painted them white. I made a wooden box about 2 cm high on the sides. So the actually bed would stay in place. I hated that on my own Barbie bed how things did not want to stay in place. And dressed the hole box in purple cloth, to avoid hard ends.

As bed legs I used heavy wooden sticks. About the same length as the Barbie knee are from the foot. Painted them white and then screw them on the wooden box in every corner.

To get the bed foots on this was actually the hardest thing to do. And I placed another bit off wooden stick but half rounded on one of the ends of the box, so the head end of the bed are a bit higher. I painted the half rounded with before putting it on place.
The ends, the bed foots were then screwed on the ends. One of them were screwed on the white half rounded wood stick.

When the actually bed was done I spent an hour or two making the soft bed and sewed the bead sheets and pillows. The soft bed was the hardest bit of this. I had to make the foam mattress match the wooden box And then dress it with cloth.
On the actually picture of the Barbie bed the screws are still showing in the end parts of the bed. But I did paint them white later. Sorry for the bad picture, I wasn't at home when I made the bed and the light was terrible.
But maybe this gets ideas into your heads?:)Some kind of inspiration..

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