måndag 30 november 2009

All in the name of crafts!

This weekend I visited a friend of mine and made some findings.
How about these glass buttons? I bought them at a second hand shop for about half a euro each..
Buttons can be quite expensive but I think I made a bargain. They are antique and have never been worn!

I also bought this fairy for my little sister as a Christmas gift. So she can paint it. It cost about 11 euros. It's about 25 cm long and 20 cm wide. I think she will love it.

I also bought leather spills in black, red, grey, purple and white. One kg costed me 40 kronor.. that's about 4 euros.

måndag 23 november 2009


I made some earings today in sterling 925 silver thread. I'ts soo fun and I find it hard to stop making them:)
Turquise and sea beads

Crackled glass pearls

Glass chips

India glass pendants with swarowski



söndag 22 november 2009

Productive weekend

I have made some classic jewellery this weekend.

2 Sea bead necklaces and one bracelet

Earrings in real 925 sterling silver made from scratch from silver thread with smoke quarts stones and the other pair with garnet mineral stones.

I also made a smoke quarts pendant.

fredag 20 november 2009

White knotted bracelet

The knotted Bracelet is finally ready. I am quite pleased with it. Maybe in the near future it will show up on my home page with the other knotted bracelets. The Swarovski glass pearls are recycled from a broken necklace I bought at a second hand sale as well as the real bone pearls. :)
I love second hand and recycling :)

torsdag 19 november 2009

Work in progress!

And this is....?

Actually its craft in progress and is a knotted soon to be bracelet. I was thinking of snow and this idea popped up.

A picture will turn up when its ready.

tisdag 17 november 2009

Knotted bracelets

This knotted bracelet I made and was inspired from the autumn colours.
It was so fun making these bracelet I made some more in other colours.

fredag 13 november 2009

Witch hats

So I'm now finished with the small witch hats.

They are about 5 cm to 6,5 cm long.

What to do next?...

torsdag 12 november 2009

Witch hats and crystal balls

I have finally started with the Christmas gifts.

One of my sisters loves small things and makes dioramas out of them. I got some inspirations to my gifts to her on http://lindasminis.blogspot.com/
she got lovely ideas, I really love her page!

So far I have made 4 witch hats and 3 crystal balls. This is only the first one's I make. So bare with me. I will do the hats in different colours and with more detail later, but I need to go to town and by some more material for it.

The crystal balls are made out of glass marbles and wooden pearls I painted.

onsdag 11 november 2009


Necklace made partly from things from a construction work place.

Not the sea beads and glass pearl though;) or lock..

If you want to see more of my work with mostly jewellery and recycling visit my home page at..

tisdag 10 november 2009

måndag 9 november 2009


this is some of my miniatures... I got lots of them.

I have got some complaining about this Minotaur. Its about the colouring. Apparently it's a crime to paint it green instead of brown something.. in your faces! I paint as I want;)

What to do with leftover cloth 2

what about these brooches? They are all made by the help from the template bellow.

A really easy going away gift or maybe something for a special friend? Easy to make and to variegate just the way you want it to be in colour, with pearls different kind of cloth.

Barbie bed

Have you noticed how toys often brake and are built all in plastic? And it's not the really hard plastic, it's the plastic that breakes after only a few times when the child has been playing. And I'm not talking about the violently playing types here.

My little sister loves when her toys looks more real than fake. And when the things actually fits the toys they are meant to go together with. Like Barbie .. how many things to Barbie are actually built in the exact scale? I was looking for some furniture to her Barbies in the local toy stores and my disappointment was big, but I was not surprised. All furniture was small and petite. Especially the beds.. So what are a big sister to do? Build a more right sized bed off course!
First I bought the “bed foots” they were in black so I painted them white. I made a wooden box about 2 cm high on the sides. So the actually bed would stay in place. I hated that on my own Barbie bed how things did not want to stay in place. And dressed the hole box in purple cloth, to avoid hard ends.

As bed legs I used heavy wooden sticks. About the same length as the Barbie knee are from the foot. Painted them white and then screw them on the wooden box in every corner.

To get the bed foots on this was actually the hardest thing to do. And I placed another bit off wooden stick but half rounded on one of the ends of the box, so the head end of the bed are a bit higher. I painted the half rounded with before putting it on place.
The ends, the bed foots were then screwed on the ends. One of them were screwed on the white half rounded wood stick.

When the actually bed was done I spent an hour or two making the soft bed and sewed the bead sheets and pillows. The soft bed was the hardest bit of this. I had to make the foam mattress match the wooden box And then dress it with cloth.
On the actually picture of the Barbie bed the screws are still showing in the end parts of the bed. But I did paint them white later. Sorry for the bad picture, I wasn't at home when I made the bed and the light was terrible.
But maybe this gets ideas into your heads?:)Some kind of inspiration..

What do do with small bit of cloth

And what's this? Well its a voodoo doll or just a kind of doll something..
This one is guarding our books, and believe me when I tell you, we got plenty of them.

They are really easy to do these dolls. This one I made as the same size as a A 4 paper sheet and I drove the mall by free hand, it makes it more interesting that way really:)

The stuffing's are old small cloth bits. I love to recycle. The eyes are from a old dress that had buttons on the side.

I have made bigger ones as well, one for my own dog and one for a friend and her dog. But I did not use buttons as eyes on them. I just sown on some dots as eyes so the dogs wont hurt them self on the buttons or maybe swallow them.

söndag 8 november 2009

Black tin box, for private stuff!

Well, am I the only one who absolutely loves tin boxes?

About a time ago I bought this tin box at a garage sale and it was in a horrible blue colour in folk lore something.. The size of the tin box was to hard to resist so as you can see I bought it. First I painted it with white primer. And then the hole thing in black. The cross is not painted on. It's adhesive paper that I cut out the cross in.

This big thin box is now standing in my bathroom with all my... ehum... girlie stuff:) You know the things that are a bit more private?
And all to all it did cost me about 10 Euros.

My first blog in English, it's about time!

My first blog in English, spooky shit! But kind of exiting as well. I read a lot of blogs about my interests in crafts, so it's time to give something back. I'm a bad speller but I have no problem understanding the language. So bare with me. Who knows, maybe I will get better at spelling as time go by?